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Hiring a House Sitter, Part 1: The Hiring

Summer time is vacation time! (We will be talking about vacation planning for the next several weeks here at "Breakfast with Bethany".) Even if you don't technically get summers off anymore, summer is when lots of families take advantage of the time to travel. My family is no different, but when you transforming into "Mom the… Continue reading Hiring a House Sitter, Part 1: The Hiring

Home Maintenance

Going Green: Lighting Your Home

Over the last week, we've talked about a lot of ways that you can make your home a little more green and save a little money in the process. Isn't it excellent that there are small changes you can make that are good for the Earth AND good for your wallet? Another great example of… Continue reading Going Green: Lighting Your Home

Home Maintenance

Garden Tip: Prune While the Sap is Low

It can feel nice sometimes in the winter months that our yards and gardens don't require quite as much attention-- that is, what wintery months we actually get in Mississippi!  However, here's an important garden maintenance tip: Prune your shrubs and bushes while the sap is low! In the colder months, the sap in branches… Continue reading Garden Tip: Prune While the Sap is Low