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Going Green: Lighting Your Home

Over the last week, we’ve talked about a lot of ways that you can make your home a little more green and save a little money in the process. Isn’t it excellent that there are small changes you can make that are good for the Earth AND good for your wallet?

Another great example of one of these changes is eco-friendly lighting. The initial change over to using a different kind of lighting in your home will feel like a big financial commitment, but the long term benefits for the environment and your budget have been proven over and over.

So what are some eco-friendly lighting options?

Change out your window treatments to utilize sunlightLiving in the South, we can make the most use of sunny days. Before you walk through in the mornings flipping switches, open up your curtains and blinds! Switching to a double curtain rod with a sheer interior curtain and a more opaque outer curtain can give you more options, and it creates depth in as a window treatment.

If you can, try make use of the sunshine in the mornings when the sunlight doesn’t come with overbearing heat; you don’t want to make your A/C unit work harder than it needs to.

Switch your lightbulbs to CFL bulbs. You probably think about these light bulbs as the swirly bulbs. In the past five years as CFL bulbs have grown more popular due to the fact that they use significantly less energy and last much longer than their incandescent predecessors. CFL bulbs cost a little more on the front end, but will save you in the long run. CFL lightbulbs can be rated for use

Use LED bulbs (and maybe even opt for a smart bulb option!). Switching to LED lightbulbs is going to feel like a financial burden; they are definitely more expensive on the purchasing end of this decision. However, LED bulbs have lots of benefits:

  • They are going to last almost twice as long as a CFL bulb.
  • They use slightly less energy than CFL bulbs.
  • LED bulbs produce minimal heat, so in addition to saving on the energy bill by using these bulbs, you can reduce the strain on your air conditioning unit! (A huge plus in the South’s intense summer heat.)

Smart bulb options are going to be still a little more expensive, but will give you lots of neat features! You can use geo-fencing to automatically turn off the lights when you leave your house. You can set alarms for your lights so that your bedroom lights fade in when it is time for you to get up. You might be thinking that being able to change the color and intensity of lights won’t be useful that often, but consider the possibilities of having these lights in your bathroom. You can make it so that at night your bathroom lights are on a very dim setting, allowing you to take a middle of the night potty break without blinding yourself. You can set your smart bulbs to a deep purple and blue hue to se the mood for the most relaxing bath. Or you can program your lights to the best possible configuration for makeup application– no more weird lighting resulting in an over or under application of eye shadow!

Making any of these changes can make a big difference, so make a trip to your local hardware store or use the Amazon links below to have these going green lighting options delivered right to your door!

GE 13-Watt Energy Smart Fluorescent Light Bulbs, 8 Pack, 60 Watt Replacement

Philips 456194 Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit, 3 A19 Bulbs and 1 Bridge, (Old Model, 2nd Generation), Works with Amazon Alexa

Bali Blinds 3/4″ Ball Double Rod Set, 48-84″, Satin Nickel

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