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15 Minutes to Show: Try THIS at home!

Selling a house is an exciting time in a life. It almost always means a big transition is occurring– whether you’re getting married, adding children to your house, seeing those children move out and downsizing, or moving a grandparent in to live with you. And even if your upcoming move doesn’t coincide with a big life event, buying and selling a home is itself a pretty big deal!

Getting your house on the market comes with some added stress to life too, though. This can be doubly so if you are trying to continue to LIVE in your current home while it is being shown by realtors. You do your best to keep the house in pristine condition, knowing it could be shown at any moment… but your show, your family’s show, must go on!

Inevitably, there’s going to come a day when your house is NOT ready to be shown. There is a kid’s project on the kitchen counter, you’re mid-spring cleaning of the shoe bin, the desk has a pile of mail and papers that you’re actively ignoring by deciding to go through your make-up drawer, there’s a hapless toothpaste tube by your sink.

And your realtor is going to call.

“I have someone here who would be a perfect fit for your house! Can we swing by to look at it in fifteen?”

Well…. can you?

The answer is YES.

And just so you know, we (meaning myself and my assistant Kasi) have been here with you! We’ve had houses on the market, we’ve had to run into clients homes and do some super fast prep work, and even more universally… we’ve all had unexpected, unannounced but for a few minutes of a warning, unplanned guests show up! Over the years, we’ve developed a method for swooping around a lived-in house and getting it ready to show.

Steps for “15 Minutes to Show” 

1. Set your oven timer for 15 minutes. 

2. Start with an empty laundry basket– go through all the rooms, take all the clutter and projects and random piles and put it into your laundry basket. Put that laundry basket by the door to take with you to your car. 

3. Keep an all-purpose cleaner (or Windex) at the ready! Once you’ve cleared all the surfaces, give all the counters and sink fixtures a quick wipe down. 

4. While you are moving through the house, make sure to turn on ceiling fans, open blinds and curtains, turn on lamps– this will make the room feel open and airy. 

5. In each room, make up beds, rearrange throw blankets and pillows, close all cabinets and drawers. 

Bonus step: If you have an essential oil diffuser, put it to work! Add a welcoming scent or a cleansing scent to give your home a really fresh feeling without leaving a candle burning or the oven on. 

We had our blog consultant try this plan in her home!

Watch the video of it here:


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