Home Maintenance

Garden Tip: Prune While the Sap is Low

It can feel nice sometimes in the winter months that our yards and gardens don’t require quite as much attention– that is, what wintery months we actually get in Mississippi!  However, here’s an important garden maintenance tip:

Prune your shrubs and bushes while the sap is low!

In the colder months, the sap in branches of plants like rose bushes retreats towards the center of the plant. If you cut back the branches when the sap is extended the full length of the branch, cutting it back can send the plant into shock. Think of the sap like a nerve ending, and when exposed can cause damage to the central nervous system of the plant.

So, take advantage of the mild weather and get to pruning those yards! There will be plenty more work to do once the weather returns to its usual Mississippi heat.

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