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Check out our Pinterest! Sprucing Up your Front Door After the Holidays

As you are dismantling all of your holiday decorations, you might find yourself feeling like your front door is missing some charm. After a straight run of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, it can be difficult to find a good wreath to hold your entry way over until it’s time for Easter lilies and summer sunflowers. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Pinterest page!


This is an excellent example of a door decoration that will work for you year round. This arrangement doesn’t emphasize floral elements and has a warm color scheme– making it the perfect arrangement for a Southern “winter” all the way through autumn. 

There are a lot of directions you can go in finding a door decor for this “in between” time. If you are the kind of person who loves changing out their decorations, then you might go with a set of Holiday Specific wreaths– Valentines Day and Mardi Gras fall within this season! If you’d like something that will serve you more year round, you might go with a Rustic Burlap– a favorite of the DIY Pinterest bloggers. Or you might enjoy a pretty Monogram Wreath that can personalize and warm up your front door. Feeling like taking on a more trendy style? Succulent Wreaths are super fashionable right now, as are any Farmhouse Style wreaths made with simple rings of greenery like Magnolia leaves or olive branches.



This DIY door dec by Kasi Beck combines a wall decoration with ribbon and greenery. This modern take on a wreath definitely has a wintery vibe-perfect for this season-and with Valentine’s Day in February, this also works as a love themed door decoration without limiting the usefulness of the piece. 

Whether you are ready to dive into a DIY project or looking for a link to a year round door decor solution, check out my Pinterest pages for ideas– as well as some other boards with links to great local restaurants and staging tips!


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